Traveling from Netherland to Jakarta Through Everything in Between



Everything in Between karya Marlies Fennema dan Diego Yanuar

There is always something new that you will get on every journey. Imagined traveling the world by riding a bicycle. How many adventures, lessons, and experience you will have? In 2018, Netherland-Indonesian couple, Marlies Fennema and Diego Yanuar did that amazing journey. Marlies is from Netherland and Diego is from Indonesia. Diego is also a brother of Indonesian singer, Andien Aisyah.  

In April 2018, Marlies Fennema and Diego Yanuar started to ride bicycles from Netherland to Indonesia. Nijmegen-Jakarta is around 12.000 miles away. Marlies and Diego had dreamt of this incredible journey for a long time. So, they began to save up their money in order to make this adventure came true. This journey took them one year to complete. They were traveling through 23 countries before they made it to Indonesia. It was not a mere bicycle riding, but they also raised a charity and dedicated this journey for animals, plants, and humans. Why bicycle? They thought the motorcycle would be too fast for their journey and it would be too slow if they were walking, besides bicycle is eco-friendly transportation and that is why they chose it.

Both Marlies and Diego love nature and animal. They often stop to see how animals interact. That is why they presented this journey for animals too. Besides that, they also loved to enjoying wind from the hill and daydreaming. Their journey is separated into three parts, The Smooth Road, The Middle Earth, and The Home Coming. They hope their journey would be easier by parting it into three chapters and they were also raising charity for three organisations (Lestari Sayang Anak, Jakarta Animal Aid Network, and Kebun Kumara). 

Through this journey, Marlies and Diego took a pause from their everyday routine and tried to find the meaning of life. 

Incredible, isn’t it? You can read this inspirational adventure in Everything in Between. This book was first published on April 2019, here in this book you will experience Marlies and Diego’s incredible journey. What are you waiting for? Go find Everything in Between at your nearest bookstore.


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