Never Ever Being Ignorant About Your Health! Get The Travel Vaccines Before Traveling

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Most of people priority prepared their vacation things kind of documents, an outfit, even vacation schedule. However, your health is also a priority to be prepared while you are on plan for traveling. Especially for you who will travel to an extreme climate destination. There is a different story if you can adapt yourself to an extreme climate.

Besides that, another fact of traveling to a new place or climate may have a risk to get a new disease or virus to your body. Many kinds of disease that only you can see in a specified region. Moreover, your body needs to adapt to a climate or weather of your travel destination and it may be possible for some people to get an immune system decreased. So, after you decide where you want to go and research the travel destination, you take an adult or travel vaccines. You don’t need to take many vaccines, because travel vaccines needed depends on your travel destination.

For example, when you will go to Hajj or worship to umrah. There are terms from the travel agent that every pilgrim to take a meningitis vaccine. There is also an example for the travelers who will go to Africa and South America to take a yellow fever vaccine, then the traveler usually needs to take a malaria vaccine when they will go to Papua. Because most of the malaria outbreak usually occurs in Papua. This term is also intended to the traveler who will go to an extreme climate destination, make sure you already had flu vaccines so your immune system is not vulnerable while in an extreme climate. Most of the travel vaccines that recommended to take by the traveler are Hepatitis A, B, and E, cholera, polio, typhoid fever, tick-borne encephalitis, tetanus, rabies, Japanese encephalitis, and many more. This vaccines term is not only for children but also for an adult who needs a vaccine as a new disease prevention measure. So, before your euphoria of traveling is under control, make sure you already take a vaccine.

Ask and plan your meeting with a doctor about five to six weeks before you are traveling. Then make sure you already had basic vaccines before you take another travel vaccines, you can also consult with the doctor if you have no clue about the vaccines that you should take based on the travel destination. So, when you are consulted with the doctor, you need to tell everything such as the schedule of your traveling, your to-do list, tell the doctor how long will you be traveling, also you have to mention your genetic disease, so the doctor will be easy to diagnose your vaccines needed. To get to know more about traveling vaccines or to get to know more some diseases in a specified region, you can access the WHO or World Health Organization official website. So you will understand the vaccines that you should take based on your travel destination.


Writer: Nadia Khalishah


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