Learn More Minangkabau Culture By Educational Tourism At Minangkabau Culture Documentation And Information Center Padang Panjang

The gate of PDIKM

Have a plan to go vacation to Padang? Maybe this destination will inspire you to find out more interesting places at Padang. If you have a plan to go to Padang Panjang, you can visit this educational tourism destination. Minangkabau Culture Documentation And Information Center or usually called as PDIKM (Pusat Dokumentasi dan Informasi Kebudayaan Minangkabau) that located in Silaing Bawah, Padang Panjang city, West Sumatera. You don’t have to be a worry if you booked a hotel or stay at Bukit Tinggi, it just takes about three kilometers from Bukit Tinggi to Padang Panjang.

PDIKM is one of a museum in West Sumatera that has an interesting architecture which is a Gadang house with six gonjong horns and four granary or the locals usually called it as rangkiang. This museum provides a varied collection of video, audio, and any kind of information about Minangkabau cultures.

PDIKM was built on August 8th, 1988 by A. Hamid and Lt. Gen. Bustanil Arifin whose also made Minangkabau Culture Documentation And Information Foundation or it is usually called as YDIKM (Yayasan Dokumentasi dan Informasi Kebudayaan Minangkabau) Then PDIKM was officially announced by 1992 to 1997 period of West Sumatera Governor, Hasan Basri Durin. The general idea of the reason why PDIKM was made because of the locals’ awareness who didn’t have any physical records of their history and the locals actual behavior is to inform their history from ‘mouth to mouth’ and it is passed by generation. In fact, many Minangkabau culture records are out of Minangkabau which is in Indonesia National Museum, Jakarta and Leiden Museum, Netherland.

The inside of PDIKM that provides some collection

PDIKM have 1.900 of 1942 period books and magazines collection, 1.500 of 1950 period of books collection from the locals’ contribution, a lot of clipping, 90 photo albums, 500 photo frames and 142 of positive microfilm reels containing an old script, a pre-world war II edition of a newspaper. To read microfilm, PDIKM has 35mm positive and negative microfilm projector. PDIKM also has 600 cassettes containing a traditional Minangkabau and Minangkabau pop music, more collections of PDIKM are the musical instruments such as saluang and rebab.

Some of the archives inside PDIKM

If you want to see how the wedding ceremonial of Minangkabau culture, you can also see the illustration of Minangkabau wedding ceremonial decoration and trying the traditional Minangkabau wedding uniform.

The illustration of Minangkabau wedding ceremonial decoration

So, no more confuse to find a great destination in Padang. PDIKM can be your first option to learn more about Minangkabau culture.


Penulis: Nadia Khalishah


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