Family Vacation Can Be As Thrilling As Traveling With Friends! Here Are Some Tips!


If you have to choose between vacation with family or friends, you probably will choose a vacation with friends. The same vision and freely enjoy the trip with a friend is a reason why some people love to spend their vacation with friends rather with family. But don’t get it wrong, having a vacation with family can be thrilling as you do vacay with friends. Besides you can cut the budget for a vacation, you can also meet and spend your quality time with family that you never meet for a long time. Then how can we plan a fun family vacation? Don’t worry! You can check these tips, so your family vacation is effective and fun!

Make An Itinerary That Provides Every Family Member

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Something that you have to think carefully when you planning for a family vacation is the place. Basically, every family member has their own ideal place for vacation. Maybe one of your family members loves to spend their time on a beach, chill on a highland area, or love to do city travel. Furthermore, in this case, make sure you planned your family vacation in a family-friendly place either for older and children. Make sure the itinerary is not tight, give more space to take a break. So, the children have time for play, the older have more time to rest, and if there is a baby, the time break is useful for breastfeeding or sleep.

You Can Give An Option For Family Trip

Discussed and share your idea for the itinerary (source:

If you already had a plan for the itinerary traveling, don’t hesitate to give a traveling destination, or give the recommendation food. This is your and your family vacation, so you can get involve and discussed to plan and share your idea for the family vacation. As long as your trip idea is family-friendly, you can feel the real fun vacation with your family. You can give a recommendation such as a place that has a varied menu which is suitable for a family dinner, or family restaurant that has a playground for kids. You can also give a recommendation of homestay that near a tourism destination or a comfy Airbnb to have quality time with family. Exciting, right?

Have A Bit Spare Time For Yourself Or With Your Cousins To Chill

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Have a vacation with family doesn’t mean you have to stick together until the vacation is done. You also need spare time to chill for yourself or have a good time to chill with your cousins. Other than that, your parent or your grandparent have time to rest and enjoy their own time. Because, even the theme of the vacation is a family vacation, but every family member has different needs. So, make sure there is a special spare time for every family member to enjoy their “me time”.

After You Spent Your Spare Time, Then Enjoy Your Family Time

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When you are done with your own time to chill or spend your time with your cousin, then don’t miss the moment with your family! Spare more time with families such as a family dinner, or night family gathering, you can do some sharing session with every family member and do some game as another option. A recommended game that suitable to play with families such as board game, cards, or a quiz, it is an ideal game that can be played by kids to adult. Makes your vacation with family more memorable!

If Your Plan Is Not On Family Trip Itinerary, Don’t Get Mad! Control Your Emotion.


Remember, you are on a vacation with family, whatever it takes. There are a lot of possibilities, either your plan will throw away, or the vacation is beyond of expectation. Thus, if one of your plans is not fulfilled, including your agenda that you cannot fulfill because it is out of time, you need to hold on. Even it is really annoying, then hold your emotion, because you have to remember that you are on vacation with family. So, you have to turn down your ego and throw out your private agenda sometimes, then enjoy your vacation with family. If your emotion is out of limit, it is not only your mood that ruined but also your every family member will get ruined.

Writer: Nadia Khalishah


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