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Tasikardi Lake, A Recreation Place for Sultan of Banten and His Family

Tasikardi is a lake located in Margasana Village, Kramatwatu District, Serang, Banten Province. This artificial lake was built during the Maulana Yusuf Sultanate, which...

The New Face of The Great Mosque of Banten

The Great Mosque of Banten which was built by Sultan Maulana Hasanuddin between 1552-1570. He is the first Sultan of Banten. Now, The mosque areas are more beautiful with the new renovations, but the main building is still preserved well. What are the new things that I can find there? Here is my experience when I visited it.

Exploring Maumere: A Must-Visit Destination in the Eastern of Indonesia

Maumere, which is the capital of Sikka in East Nusa Tenggara Regency, was hit by a tsunami in 1992. The city was completely devastated...